What is PIV (P.I.V.) mode?

PIV stands for Particle Image Velocimetry. It is a technique for measuring and recording instantaneous velocity vectors in a cross-section of a flow. Two velocity components are measured. By using a stereoscopic approach all three velocity components can be recorded, which results in 3D velocity vectors for the whole area. CCD cameras capable of capturing two images with extremely short inter-frame time (in the range of a few microseconds). Used together with specialized computer tools, the images result in real-time velocity maps.


JAI cameras that have a P.I.V mode are : 

  1. SP-5000M-PMCL
  2. SP-5000C-PMCL
  3. SP-5000M-CXP2
  4. SP-5000C-CXP2
  5. SP-5000M-CXP4
  6. SP-5000M-GE2
  7. SP-5000C-GE2
  8. SP-5000C-CXP4
  9. SP-20000M-CXP2
  10. SP-20000C-CXP2
  11. SP-20000M-USB
  12. SP-20000C-USB
  13. SP-20000M-PMCL
  14. SP-20000C-PMCL
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