JAI control tool displaying blank images and frame rate showing 0 fps with JAI GigE cameras

If a JAI GigE camera is detected in the control tool but displays no images when acquisition is started, as well as showing 0 fps on the control tool, please check on the following : 

  1. Ensure that the camera's packet size setting matches with the NIC (located under "stream channel selector"). If the packet size is larger than 1500, jumbo frames must be enabled on the NIC.
  2. Ensure that there is no firewall in the system, or that it allows the application to pass through.
  3. Ensure that the NIC's power management is set such that the NIC is NOT in power saving mode (Windows can turn off the NIC to save power. This option should be unchecked under power management)
  4. Check to ensure the GigE cable is Cat5e or Cat6. 


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