Tips for using Link Sharing function on Euresys frame grabber

When using Link Sharing function, we connect one camera to multiple computers. Camera will acknowledge connection status to each computer, and that will spend more time than single connection, then sometime camera cannot be recognized by computer. So we need to set longer timeout value for connection.

Here is how to set timeout value on Euresys frame grabber:

-Click the frame grabber which connecting camera from "Interfaces" in GenICam Browser

-Find "ShowCoaXPressAdvancedFeatures" and set it to "True"

-Find "CxpDiscoveryTimingSelector" in "CoaXPressAdvanced", confirm value is "DiscoveryPeriod"

-Set CxpDiscoveryTiming" to a bigger value, like "3000".

-Click "Update Dev List" then camera should be recognized correctly.



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