Silent Installation of eBUS SDK for JAI

In silent or unattended installation, you do not need to select an installation folder or press Next, Finish or anything that you'd do during normal installation. This is a kind of automatic installation and it is normally used when you are distributing software in a large network and you do not want to disturb the end user. However, you can also use this method to install software on your PC without getting disturbed while working. If you want to do so, go through the steps.

1. Download the eBUS SDK XX-bit for JAI.5.x.xx.xxxx.exe.

*XX-bit represents 32Bit or 64Bit installer.

*5.x.xx.xxxx represents version number.

Put it into any folder. For example "C:\Users\kod" folder.


2. Open the Command prompt. Go to the Run, type "cmd" and press "enter" to open command prompt.

3. Navigate to the folder where you kept the software EXE file. For example, the "C:\Users\kod" mentioned earlier.

4. Use this command: "eBUS SDK XX-bit for JAI.5.x.xx.xxxx.exe" /?

This command will check for all the switches which have been defined.

5. Here we can find silent mode command is /s /v/qn.

Additionally, if you don't want PC reboot automatically, you could use Windows option: REBOOT=ReallySuppress

6. The total command will be:

C:\Users\kod>"eBUS SDK XX-bit for JAI.5.x.xx.xxxx.exe" /s /v"/qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress"

7. There are three message windows while installation:




8. With these settings, no PC reboot request appears, but OS needs reboot to apply drivers.

So reboot PC once you are done.


*There are two options to control which driver you need to install as below:

Here is an example to install a USB3 driver only

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    Koko Den

    Additional information regarding how to NOT install USB driver:


    By reading through the MSI log file, the option of NOT install USB driver is EBUSUNIVERSALPROFORUSB3VISION=0 
    The full syntax to only install the GigE Vision Driver is:
    eBUS SDK 64-bit for JAI.6.x.x.xxxx.exe /s /V"/qn EBUSUNIVERSALPROFORUSB3VISION=0"


    By H Schievink

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