Slow response of CameraLink Control Tool when using Matrox Solios/Radient frame grabber

When using Matrox Solios/Radient frame grabber, JAI camera control may perform very slow or even no response, but actually this problem can be solved or at least be improved by change one setting in Matrox Intellicam.


In default mode, Matrox CL frame grabbers outputs random signal through CC1. Camera will be busy to answer this signal, and have no time to answer ASCII commands that user sends. 


 For MIL9:

-Open your dcf file

-Click Menu Digitizer -> Control

-Once open Digitizer Controller dialog, CC1 signal will be fixed.



For MIL10:

In dcf file dialog, find "Other" tap, Check "Enable CC output on connector 1", then CC1 signal will be fixed.

When the setting done, you can connect camera without no response.

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