Which plug should I use for my power supply and signals?

Which plug to use depends on the camera model:

Camera model names starting with:

  • BM/BB
  • CM/CB
  • CV (with a few obsolete exceptions using a clearly different plug type)
  • FS
  • SW/SP
  • WA

all use a 12 pin Hirose connector, type HR10A-10R-12PB. The part number to use for the plug on the cable is HR10A-10P-12S or equivalent.

Camera models of the:

  • GO-series GigE vision
  • GO-series USB3 vision

all use a 6 pin Hirose connector, type HR10A-7R-6PB. The part number to use for the 6-pin plug on the cable is HR10A-7P-6S or equivalent.

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