Unable to run the SP-12000-CXP4 or SP-12000-CXP4-XT at max frame rate

First, ensure that the CXP frame grabber you are using is capable of handling the bandwidth of the SP-12000-CXP4 at max frame rate. The BitFlow Cyton and Euresys Quad G3 CXP boards have been tested at max frame rate with the SP-12000-CXP4

If the SP-12000-CXP4 is NOT running at 189 fps, please check the device version of your camera. Device version will run at the maximum frame rate. If your device version is lower than, then please download the firmware updater from the link here :  http://helpdesk.jai.com/Filkatalog/!Firmware/index.html. Sync the firmware updater to the ftp site and then update your camera to the latest firmware. This will enable the camera to run at 189 fps. 


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