How do I save images with a time stamp?

Note: This example is using the JAI SDK, which is now obsolete.

If you just want to save images from your camera to the hard drive, you can take a look at the example below. It opens up the first camera on the list and saves images in the format

yyyymmdd-hhmmss-ms-UTC.bmp (e.g. 20160201-112812-654-UTC.bmp).

The time stamp is based on the PC system time, not the camera's internal tick counter.

Please note, that it can be very demanding for the PC to keep up with an image stream, as single images require open and close operations, at the same time as a large amount of data must be transferred to your hard drive. Therefore, this code is not recommended for high frame rates relative to the PC and hard disk performance.

The code was written in C++ for Visual Studio 2010 using MFC.

Product: JAI SDK

Subject: time stamp, bitmap

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