How do I run the SW-2000T-CL at its maximum line rate?

With the maximum clock rate of 85 MHz and 2K pixels to be sent out (in fact about 2090 pixels), the line rate in standard modes is always limited to about 40 KHz. The actual maximum can always be asked by 'LINE RATE ?'.

To get maximum line rate from the SW-2000T-CL, the camera has to be in "DUAL RGB 8" mode, then setting the camera to 80KHz mode by issuing the command "MODE SPEED80kl"which then allows the user to operate at the full 80KHz.


Tags :  SW-2000T-CL, CameraLink, Linescan, Sweep

Products :  SW-2000T-CL, SW-2000Q-CL, SW-2000T-CXP, SW-2000Q-CXP


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