Interfacing JAI CoaXpress cameras with frame grabbers

JAI CoaXpress cameras conform to CoaXpress standard 1.0 and can be interfaced easily with a frame grabber that conforms to the CoaXpress standard. Below is a brief overview of CoaXpress from the CoaXpress Home Page :

CoaXPress (CXP) is an asymmetric high speed point to point serial communication standard for the transmission of video and still images, scalable over single or multiple coaxial cables. It has a high speed downlink of up to 6.25Gbps per cable for video, images and data, plus a lower speed, 20Mbps uplink for communications and control. Power is also available over the cable ("Power-over-Coax") and cable lengths of greater than 100m may be achieved.

CoaXPress combines the elegant simplicity of coaxial cable with state of the art high speed serial data technology. The combination of these two highly desirable features - standard coaxial cable and "express" speed - provides a revolutionary leap forward in high speed image and data transmission.

The primary driving force behind the development of CoaXPress has been the need to overcome the various limitations [of other interface technologies] - primarily cable length, speed and ease of use. CoaXPress combines the best features of existing interfaces into just one interface solution:


  • High Data rates: up to 6.25Gbps over a single coax cable and up to 25Gbps using four cables.

  • Long Cable Lengths: In excess of 100m (without any hubs, repeaters etc.).

  • Real time behavior through fixed, low latency.

  • Precise triggering capability.

  • Flexible and reliable through use of standard coax - e.g. RG59 and RG6.

  • Ease of integration: video, communication, control and power over a single coax cable.

  • Cost effective cable solution.

  • Hot pluggable.

  • Royalty-free solution

JAI CoaXpress cameras have been tested to work with a variety of frame grabbers from manufacturers like BitFlow, ActiveSilicon, Euresys etc. 

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