What Frame Grabbers can I use with JAI Camera Link cameras?

JAI's Camera Link® cameras can be interfaced with a variety of frame grabbers that adhere to the Camera Link® standard (as defined in the Camera Link® standards page at : http://www.visiononline.org/vision-standards-details.cfm?type=6). Below are some of the frame grabber vendors who have a majority of products that work with JAI's Camera Link® cameras :

  • Active Silicon
  • BitFlow
  • Cognex
  • Euresys
  • Matrox
  • National Instruments
  • Silicon Software
  • Teledyne Dalsa


 Tags :  Cameralink, Frame grabbers

Products :  GO-5000M-PMCL, GO-5000C-PMCL, SP-20000M-PMCL, SP-20000C-PMCL, SW-2000T-CL, SW-2000Q-CL, SP-5000M-PMCL, SP-5000C-PMCL

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