Network link aggregation and Windows 10

This article is about Windows 10 and link aggreation, sometimes referred to as "LA" or "LAG".

Windows 10 does not support link aggregation in all variants. However, with specific updates and drivers it can be configured to work.

JAI's R&D department has tested the following combinations with an Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T2V2:

Win 10 subversion Build Code name Update Date Intel driver v.22.0.1 Intel driver v.22.3
1511 10586 Threshold2 - Nov 2015 NG -
1607 14393 Redstone 1 Anniversary Aug 2016 OK OK
1703 15063 Redstone 2 Creators Apr 2017 NG OK

Please note that in Intel’s web site, Intel only guarantees that their ANS (advanced network services) works with Windows 10 v1607. Not all Intel NICs are compatible with ANS.

Creating Intel® ANS Teams and VLANs on Windows® 10 (link to Intel)

Teaming with Intel® Advanced Network Services (link to Intel)


JAI products affected:


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