Can the JAI SDK be used to acquire images from a Cameralink camera?

One popular question is about using the JAI SDK/Control tool to acquire images from a cameralink camera. For the most part, the JAI SDK/control tool cannot acquire images from a JAI Cameralink camera.  This is due to the fact that the Cameralink standard does not require a GenTL producer from the frame grabber. GenCP (GenICam for CameralinkProtocol) is supported by the JAI SDK as well as most framegrabbers but this protocol is purely for communication/control.

There are  frame grabber vendors that claim to have GenTL producers in Cameralink for acquisition. For example, ActiveSilicon's Firebird framegrabber has a GenTL producer and so, the JAI SDK can acquire images through its GenTL consumer. That said, we could see GenTL-based acquisition be adopted into the Cameralink standard in the future. When this happens, the JAI SDK/Control Tool will be capable of acquiring images as it currently does with GigE, USB3 and even CXP (in some cases). 

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